Deduct the Cost of Commercial Vehicle from Our Nissan Dealership in Hampton, VA!


Deduct the Cost of Commercial Vehicle from Our Nissan Dealership in Hampton, VA!

If you own and operate a small business, you know it's important to maintain a lean budget. Whether you're implementing eco-friendly policies to cut utility costs or going far and wide to find the best prices on materials, your business is constantly looking for ways to save money. Small-business owners who see the need for a new company vehicle may be delaying the purchase until their cash flow is optimized. However, you may not have to worry about your vehicle budget as much as your think you do thanks to Section 179 tax deductions.

Under Section 179, small-business owners are eligible for tax breaks when they buy a vehicle for their company. There are variety of guidelines and qualifications that must be met to receive the full $500,000 write off. The company vehicle has to be one of the following:

  • A non-SUV heavy cargo vehicle with at least six feet of interior length that is not accessible from the passenger area or a six-foot cargo bed on pickup trucks.

  • A vehicle that can seat nine or more passengers behind the driver, such as a shuttle van.

  • A classic cargo van with a closed-off driver's cabin and no seating in the back.

  • If the Nissan vehicle you buy for your business doesn't qualify, you may still be eligible for a partial tax deduction. Cars, trucks and vans that are used for business purposes at least 50 percent of the time can get you a $11,060 refund on cars and a $11,160 on trucks and vans. Plus, if you lease your vehicle rather than buy it, you can still write off the full purchase price! Section 179 is a great way to put some money back into other operating costs as you maintain a small business.

    Visit our Nissan dealership in Hampton Beach, VA, to find the perfect new vehicle for your business and take advantage of the Section 179 tax break!

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